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Pink Polar Flash Jig

The Pink Polar Flash Jig is a great Jig for December. It is going to catch just about everything from Snook, Pompano, Trout, Reds., etc. and everything in between. Best if tipped with a small piece of shrimp or squid but does not have to be. Will work on the beach or in the passes or all the deeper holes in the inter-coastal waterways or rivers south of Naples and Marco. They are tied in ¼ oz. and this style of jig comes in 8 different color combinations. It will work great with an up and down jigging action off the bottom, or with a faster reeling retrieve for faster moving fish like bluefish and mackerel. Come by the Baithouse and pick up a couple.

Check out the Pink Polar Flash Jig in the December issue of Coastal Angler Magazine at If you are not from the area and want to purchase these jigs you can get them through

Good Catching!

Roan Z

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