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January Fly of the Month

Synthetic Flash Clouser in Chartreuse

This Version of the Clouser Minnow is tied with All synthetic materials. It has large dumbbell eyes and the eyes are coated with epoxy to resist chipping and to protect the thread wraps. Plus it just looks cool. We tie this fly in multiple colors and two sizes. It can be fished just about anywhere from beach to backcountry. Many people say if they had only one fly to fish it would be this one.

Materials list for the fly:

#4 or #6 Mustad Shrimp Hook.

Ex-Small and Medium Dumbell Eyes color of choice

Any type of synthetic material, I like SF Blend or Kinky Fiber color of choice

Polarflash For the Flash material and to create a lateral Line

The top of the fly has Minnow Back Shimmer Fringe your choice of color.

Finish with either Clear Cure Goo or Epoxy. Over eyes and thread wraps

The color combinations are endless for this fly along with its uses. I have caught just about everything on this fly at one time or another.

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