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February Fly of the Month

The CJ’s Trail Hopper

This Fly is a condensed version of a gurgler with a little more foam and buoyancy. It really wiggles a splashes in the water. This is one of my favorite bass flies in the Everglades and even on the Clear lakes in Highlands County. We tie this fly in lots of colors, but these pictured are the best colors I have found. This fly was originally tied for Snook and tarpon on the trail canals, but has quickly become my favorite for bass in the Glades. You can see them in person at the Shop or check them out on line at

Easy to tie and to Fish.

Materials List:

Flat Waxed Nylon Thread

Gamakatsu B10S or Mustad Signature BLN52S Size 2

Craft Foam Color of Choice.

Pola Fiber or Craft Fur, Either works well

Medium Pearl Estaz or your choice of Color but pearl can work for all Foam Colors

Couple of Strands of Flash either Polarflash or Flashabou.


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