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February Jig of the Month

Synthetic Grouper Jig in Pink and White

This month’s Jig is for the grouper fisherman out there. With all of grouper season opening and the red and gag grouper fishing coming into full swing we bring you the pink and white fluorescent grouper jig. This Jig is tied with special extra strong synthetic material and highly fluorescent flash materials. Large hologram eyes and a extra durable coating for extra drops without the worry of head chipping. It had a heavy duty 8/0 extra strong extra sharp hook. The jig comes in various sizes from 1 oz. for nearshore up to 6 oz. for deep offshore waters. This jig can be tipped with squid but does not need to with the flash materials we use.

Check out Coastal angler Magazine at or if you are out of Naples pick it up on line at Please come by the shop and check any of our custom jigs out or any of the other Jigs we carry.


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