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October Fresh Water Fishing Report

South West Florida Freshwater Scene for October

By: Capt Roan zumFelde

October is one of my all-time favorite months to fish in South West Florida. Salt or Fresh it is just one of those times were you cannot go wrong. A little cooler temperatures and still light people pressure on the water equates to some great fishing.

We are going to start out on Lake Trafford this month. Talking to Ski Oleski, at Trafford Marine he thinks Mid October and into November is going to be excellent. All things considered it has been a pretty good summer for them. Flipping and Pitching Worms or Creature Baits will still rain supreme, but the long anticipated top water bite should come on in a big way. Water levels will be dropping and the fish should get more accessible to top-water plugs, and flies. The old tried and true baits still work: The Devils Horse, Bangolure, and the Tiny Torpedo. Fly selection should include various top-water poppers and muddlers and of course MY HJB if you are looking for a trophy. Check the new regulations on the lake for keeping bass. It has changed to only allowing one fish over 16 inches. MYFWC has it posted on the website.

Lake Okeechobee levels are still going to be higher than normal and the fish are still deep in cover. Shiners will always be your best bait on the BIG O. The next best idea for catching really big bass is flipping. Soft plastic creature baits like The Bass Assassin Hog Caller or anything like that would be a great choice. These baits should be rigged weed less Texas Style, with a ½ oz. Tungsten Bullet Weight, lure color varies but you cannot go wrong with June Bug which is a black grape green glitter color. Most like heavy braided line for this in at least 50 to 60lb. strength.

The Everglades Canals are still going to be having issues with high water but some canals like The Miami and L28 (access point Hwy 41) should start picking up this month. You will always catch some bass and cichlids using small plastic worms rigged Texas style so you can cast or pitch them into the deeper cover. Fly fishing these canals should get a little better especially if our night time temps start to decrease. I would still suggest early or late afternoons. If there is a good amount of water flowing over the earthen dams on L28 then the peacocks should gang up at the mouths of each. Small jigs and Clouser Minnow type flies cast up close to the water runoff and worked into the deeper water should catch them pretty well.

Continuing on the Theme; were to fish if you do not have a boat? Almost all of the canals in our area have tons of fish in them. One of my favorite Canals to fish is along Immokalee Road in North Naples. They even mow the sides for you so you don’t have to trudge through a jungle. Good places to start are along any of the Weirs where water is running. Check out anywhere there are man-made structures along this canal they usually concentrate fish. But just about anywhere along the canal can be good. I have caught: snook, tarpon, bass, and cichlids in this canal from time to time. It is usually easier to fish with two people if you want to keep working along the canal. You just keep working your vehicle East on the access road. I would suggest having both a Fresh and Saltwater License just to stay out of trouble.

Come visit Mike and me at Mike’s Bait house and Indian Pass Outfitters on Danford Street, next to Bayview Park in Naples and we can talk fishing. We carry a full line of tackle including: fly fishing needs and both saltwater and freshwater gear, food, drink, and bait. Thanks and good fishing. Roan z

If you want to contact Capt. Roan z for a freshwater fishing trip or ask any fishing questions he can be contacted at the Shop 239-775-2248 or cell number 239-269-4426. Check the Web Site and

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