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Mikes Bait House Fly of the Month RZ's Pola Candy

The Fly of the Month Spotlighted in the Coastal Angler magazine is the Rz’s POLA CANDY

This is a new take on oldie that we were tieing out of Chicken Feathers and Bunny Strips many a year ago even a decade ago. Still works today and is even better than the older versions. The new materials that we use make this fly crush everything that swims in our fresh and saltwater. Over the last year that I have been fishing this fly it has accounted for tarpon, snook, redfish, trout, sheepshead, and a whole host of freshwater species both on lakes and canals. This fly is made with Polafiber Brushes. The brushes come in two tone and one color, are easy to use and have the flash built in. Just tie it in, tie it on, and catch fish!!! If you come by the shop we will show you the flies and the materials to tie it with. Z

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