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Tying Instructions for January's Fly of the Month!

The Fly of the month for January is The RZ Sparkle Crab. Tied in three Colors and but my favorite for trout, pompano, sheepshead and redfish would have to be the Pink/Chartreuse

Tying instructions Pic 1: Start thread at point of hook and wind back to bend.


Pic: 2 Tie in about a pencil sized round of Arctic fox hair on bend of hook so that it stands up one hook is inverted.


Pic: 3 Tie in 4 Chartreuse Grizzly saddle hackles splayed in front of bend of hook to lay over and below fox hair hen hook is inverted.


Pic # 4 tie in 5 doubled strands of rainbow crystal flash down either side of hackle and invert hook and tie in two barred sili legs and let them point upward in back of hook point.


Pic # 5 Tie in your Opalescent pink Estaz Grand advance the thread and tie in the blue Psychedelic Large bead chain eyes.


Pic #6 Wrap the Estaz forward to just behind eyes tie off and trim the Estaz Flat on the top and bottom. Trim sides rounded.


Pic # 7 Finished fly with one strand of Chartreuse barred sili legs added over eyes and single post 25lb weedguard. Tie off and glue head.

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