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Bait, Tackle, Snacks & More 

Mike's Bait House

  Ice & Beer


We have a wide range of bait and tackle. We have regular deliveries of fresh shrimp and crabs as well as frozen shrimp, squid, bonitas, and chum.


With regular deliveries of shrimp and our bait is always healthy and lively for your outings. We clean our tank daily to remove any dead shrimp and freeze them for purchase. Mike's Bait House also provides Tournament Master Chum, bonitas, squid, thread herring, and chum blocks & nets.


A service we're proud to offer is bait delivery to the dock at Bayview Park. Stop by or give us a call and we'll bring the bait to you before you cast off.


We're always willing to hear what you fish with and if we get enough requests, we may start carrying it, so check back often.


We offer a wide range of tackle and gear for all types of fishing. Whether it's Mahi-Mahi in the Keys or Grouper 10 miles out, we've got you covered. Want to take your son or daughter out for a day of fishing? We've got great beginner rods and reels for them to familiarize themselves with.


Mike's Bait House and Indian Pass Outfitters stocks a full line of fly fishing tackle from Echo Fly Rods and fly reels and Okuma Fly Reels along with custom tied flies, fly leaders, and a full assortment of fly gear.  


We've got loads of snacks and candy to keep you energized throughout your trip. Our coolers are stocked with the most popular beverages from Gatorade to Dr Pepper to beer and wine. Looking for some accessories? We also carry polarized sunglasses, hats, performance shirts and beach toys and gear.


Mike's Bait House is committed to serving its customers with quality items to fit their needs. If we don't carry something, let us know and we'll look into stocking it. We're always excited to hear from our customers and strive to make every experience a pleasant one.

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