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October Jig of the Month

Brown and Tan Bucktail Jig.

This is one of my favorite all around colors especially for Redfish. We use a Blue Thread and Blue Rainbow Flashabou Accent, to simulate the colors of a Blue Crab. I like it in the ¼ oz. size for most applications especially mangroves and Oyster Bars. If using in the Passes and or the River Mouths South of the Ten T, then I would go with the 3/8 oz. Size.

We have both sizes at the shop on Danford. These are tied with the sharpest and strongest jig hooks we could find. The heads are specially coated so as not to chip. You will not find a better quality Bucktail Jig anywhere. Oh, they work on Snook equally as well as Redfish.

Come by the Shop and check out our full line of Jigs and Flies.


Rz. and

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